So here it is! The recipe I told you about in my previous post. Also made with my little sister, with so much love, you could really taste that! I mean it (: So, with that, that it was delicious, no doubt, but  it came out of the oven like such a beauty that we were both speechless for a moment. And then, jumping around in my room, smiling, high five-ing. Happy with what we had made. Taking photo’s, taking photo’s of each other and then finaly eating! Yay! We had made a pizza calzone once before, but this one was really nice. A thin crust, a lovely filling, juices coming out, an incredible smell.. Are your eyes closed? Imagine. Hmmm..

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Chocolate covered chocolate chip cookies


Yeah.. Did you just read the title? Unbelievable right! Like double, double, double! Because there aren’t just chocolate chips in there, there are brown ánd white chocolate chips in those cookies! And then, also, covered in delicous chocolate. Oh my.. Maybe I should just call them CCCC-cookies! That doesn’t make your mouth fall open immediately right? Although I actually like that! Do you take a look with me at the recipe?

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Toast with asparagus, ricotta and prosciutto


Oh my! This is incredible, insane, absurd, extreme, ridiculous and unbelievable good. Quite something, don’t you think! But it’s true! You have two options: 1. You believe me on what I say, and you understand that it’s delicious. 2. You don’t believe me. I insist that you try it out yourself. Then you will be convinced! (: Actually I think you all should try this recipe out. No matter if you belong to number 1 or 2! You will be in heaven during eating this. Read further, so we can get started!

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